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June 13, 2013, France
France Kempo MMA

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June 13, 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia

Russian Kempo Federation – parade in St. Petersburg Russian Kempo Federation presented the combat sport of Kempo MMA in a big demonstration and parade on the streets of St.Petersburg, Russia, under the guidance of the world champion Shihan Ruslan Akumov. Photo    ->  Photo-Gallery   [... read more]

May 21, 2013, Timişoara,Romania

Friday, 24.05.2013, 20:00 hour'Constantin Jude' Gym (OLIMPIA) -Timisoara, Romania KEMPO KLASH 2 - Road to Glory RESULTS KEMPO KICK STAND-UP FIGHTING RULES: 1. PERVIZ ABDULLAEV (AZERRBADJAN) winner by TKO (R1) vs. ALEX PETROPAVLOSKI (ROMANIA)  2. COSTEL PASNICIUC (GREAT BRITAIN) winner by KO (R1)  vs. ALIN SAVA (ROMANIA) 3. MIODRAG OLAR (Metalbox) winner by split decision vs. SERGIU TOTH (TENGU) 4. DANIEL CORBEANU (Metalbox) winner by KO (R1)  vs. BOGDAN IMURLUC (RESPECT GYM) 5. RAZVAN BENCHE (Tengu) winner by split decision vs. RAZVAN GHITA (ACADEMIA DE LUPTE CIPRIAN SORA) 6. ALVIAR LIMA (HOLLAND) winner by split decision vs. ALEXANDRU… [... read more]

May 9, 2013, Moldavia
Kempo Moldavia on TV !

Moldavia - Vice-World Champion 2013 in Fighting Kempo ! The national Kempo team representing the Republic of Moldavia have been classified 2nd place on nations in the IKF 10th World Kempo Championships 2013, held in Antalya-Turkey. Their performances have been highly promoted by the IPN television in Moldavia. Congratulation! “… [... read more]

May 7, 2013, Texas, USA
George Pacurariu, hits again in MMA

Kempo champion, George Pacurariu - knocked out Steven "Ocho" Peterson ! Kempo champion, George Pacurariu hited again by knocking out Steve "Ocho" Peterson in the first round of the very impresive MMA galla  LFC19 (Legacy Fighting Championships), held in 12.april.2013 in Allen Event Center - Texas, USA. By the Legacy… [... read more]

April 30, 2013, Antalya-Turkey
WKC 2013

The 10th IKF World Kempo Championships 2013 Video  ->  Video-Gallery  Official Registration ->  Photo-Gallery Referee Course ->  Photo-Gallery Opening Ceremony ->  Photo-Gallery WKC 2013 ->  Photo-Gallery Awarding Ceremony ->  Photo-Gallery Sayonara Party ->  Photo-Gallery Sayonara Party ->  Video-Gallery  [... read more]

April 16, 2013, Mashhad, IRAN

American Kenpo Jiu Jitsu Federation of Iran - Official Associated Member By the decision of the IKF Executive-Committee, the IRAN became official associated member.The representative of the IRAN Kempo Branch is Master Ehsan Nazifi, who will be also the team leader of the national team who will proudly represent IRAN in… [... read more]

April 4, 2013, Hungary
The XI International Open Kempo Cup

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March 11, 2013, Caracas-Venezuela
Kenpo in the Olympic Committee

Venezuela Kenpo Federation is a proud member of the Olympic Committee of Venezuela.Congratulations to Jose Aponte, the president of the Venezuela Kenpo Federation !  [... read more]

February 5, 2013, Bulgaria
Bulkempo in Paris-Bercy Festival 2013

                               28th World Martial Arts Festival "Paris-Bercy 2013                               "National Federation Bulgarian Kempo - BULKEMPO", has a great honor to let you know,… [... read more]

February 4, 2013, Las Vegas

  In support Mr. Jeff Speakman ! World Renowned Master of Kenpo 5.0 Martial Arts, Jeff Speakman, the IKF President, our great friend and mentor as well, is about to take on the fight of his life. This past week he was diagnosed with cancer of the throat. Most recently,… [... read more]

January 30, 2013, Bucharest, Romania
Kempo Moldavia visited IKF

Mr. Valentin Vizant, president of Kempo Federation of Moldavia - official visit at IKF headquarter - Photo    ->  Photo-Gallery [... read more]

January 25, 2013, Geneve, Switzerland
IKF & World Martial Arts Games 2013

Eric La Rocca signed the protocol with the World Martial Arts Games  [en]Carl Emery, the promoter of the World Martial Arts Games 2013 and Eric La Rocca, secretary general of the International Kempo Federation signed a co-operation agreement on January 22nd in Nice (France). By this protocol, the World Martial… [... read more]

January 19, 2013, Revel - Toulouse, France
The 6th IKF Masters Kenpo France

The 6th IKF Masters Kenpo France, 2013 The National Kenpo Committee of France organized in 19.01.2013 in Salle Omnisports II in the beautiful city Revel - Toulouse, France, the 6th Masters Kenpo edition. The most beautiful moment was the fight between the sons of two veterans, two great Kenpo champions, Frederic… [... read more]

January 5, 2013, Kenitra - Morocco
IKF-Kempo Seminar in Morocco , 2013

FRMK & DA will organize IKF-Kempo Seminar on 5-6 Jan 2013 , in Kenitra - Morocco.The seminar will be conducted by Shihan Eric La Rocca, IKF-Secretary General.Seminar will include :   -Knockdown referee course   -Full Kempo referee course   -Submission referee coursePlace : Assaknia SportGym in KenitraRelations at:   Mr. Sellem Md:… [... read more]

January 1, 2013, India
Kempo India

  Mr. Rupak Debroy, the proud President of the Kempo Federation of India, has been nominated in the high position of Associate Joint Secretary of the Indian Olympic Association.CONGRATULATION !!! [... read more]

October 14, 2012, Tunisia
National Kempo Championships of Tunisia

Association Tunisienne de Kempo Et Discipline Associe, under the precidency of Mr. Thabet Naghmouchi organized the National Kempo Championships of Tunisia in 14.10.2012. CONGRATULATIONS !!!  [... read more]

October 4, 2012, Bucharest,Romania
Moldavian delegation to IKF Headquarter

Moldavian delegation to IKF Headquarter ! Today, 04.October.2012, a delegation of the Kempo Federation of Moldavia visited the IKF headquarter. In the end of the official meeting have been agree the next steps for a great cooperation in the fighting sport interest.Delegation was composed by Mr. Roman Babii, Mr. Valentin… [... read more]

July 10, 2012

BULKEMPO SEMINAR “SHINKEN - 2012" It is an honor to inform you that in June 2012 National Federation "Bulgarian Kempo - BULKEMPO" hosted the First traditional Iai-jutsu / Bulkempo seminar "Shinken - 2012". Special guests and heads of training were Japanese Budo-legends Sekiguchi Komei Sensei and Noguchi Sensei. They are… [... read more]

July 2, 2012, Venus, Romania
International Kempo MMA & Shidokan - Seminar

International Kempo MMA & Shidokan  - Seminar Another great international seminar organized by the Romanian Kempo Federation under the umbrella of IKF , have been already finished.Instructors and students coming from Japan, Iran, Azerbaijan, USA and Romania, trained hard for 7 days , between 23-29 June 2012 .Kancho Soeno Yosiji… [... read more]

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