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Article 11 : SEMI-KEMPO  ( to be organized mandatory in all world and continental championships
*Small resume : touchpointed system , just stand-up fighting / controlled punches and kicks with a turn-return traiectory .  

- Punches to the body
- Punches to the head ( no more than 2 punches in the same action )
- Kicks to the body
- Kicks to the head  ( just circulars )
- Sweepings ( grabbing the opponent just 1 sec or without grabbing )

Other specifications :
-All the strikes (kicks and punches) must be used having a good control , “touch pointed” ,  with a turn-return trajectory .
-In case of more than 1 ( one ) correct strikes in the same action , only the first good one could be scored .
-any techniques which are not specified in the „Techniques Permitted ” are illegal .
-max. 3 strikes in the same action are allowed (example of using strikes : punch-kick-kick or punch-kick-punch , punch-punch-kick , etc..)

1 round x 3 minutes  (running time) .
In case of a draw there will be an extra round  until one competitor will get a point . In the extra round the first one who will get the point will be the winner

- Punches : 1 point
- Kicks to the body : 1 point
- Kicks to the head :  2 points
- Jumping kicks to the body : 2 points
- jumping kicks to the head : 3 points
- Sweepings : 1 point

- In case of intentioned fouls the ring referee will give : warning , -1 , -3 points , disqualification.
- Fouls : too hard , intentioned KD , stepping out , nonsportive behaviour , comments , etc......

-By decision
-By abandon
-Anytime during the fight when there are 5 points difference between competitors

- White Gi pants next to the ankle , Black Gi jacket , Red/Blue belts depending by the corner .
- Boxing gloves 8-10 oz. , Red/Blue depending by the corner .
- groin protection for men and chest protection for women , just under the clothes .
- any model of shinguard (NO plastic insertion inside) , not necessary to cover the entire foot .
- mouthguard (gum-shield ) .
- headgear with plastic mask under 16 y.o. ,  in the color of the respective corner .
*  in case of using headgear with plastic mask the mouth-guard is optional

-There will be 1 Central Referee (central referee with judge’s rights) and 2 Judges ( on aside to the fighting area ) .
-The referee will stop the fight after every action and shout POINTS  whenever he consider somebody must be pointed without stopping the fighting-time . The Central Referee will ask the side judges for their opinion . The judges will show their score (red or blue) in the same time with the Central Referee only after this one shout POINTS.
-Also , the judges can ask for the attention of the referee by knocking with the 2 colored sticks red and blue . After this signal the referee can stop the fight and shout POINTS to see the score and also will show his opinion in this case (red or blue) . If the Central Referee consider that there was no scored action involved he will let the action continue making a sign with his hands as NO SCORE .
-If there will be a majority decision ( ex: 2 from 3 judges) the referee will score points and he will show this decision to the main table in order to be noted there . The Central Referee can consult the judges about a score decision and ask for the decision again .
-After decision the referee will shout to the table judge (score judge) the number of points earned and the color of the competitor scored (ex.: Red , 2 points !) and will show with one hand (competitor colored) the competitor scored and with the same hand the number of points given , overhead . The referee has to ensure that the score-judge scored the points on the score-table .
-In case of a KO will appear by voluntary action , the fighter who is not injured will be disqualified . In case of a KO will appear to a competitor who made a wrong movement by a wrong reflex , this competitor will loose the fight .   
-Penalties and warnings will be given by the central referee without consulting the side judges . He will show with one hand (competitor colored) to the competitor who earned the penalty and he will shout "warning" . The referee has to ensure that the score-judge scored the penalties to the score-table
-the score for warnings for fouls (KD or excessive force used , stepping out , other fouls) will be kept in separately counter on the score table for each competitor.
-Penalties will be scored as points to the opponent score .
-the central referee , in case of light fouls , will just admonestate (verbal warning) the sportive , but in case of serious fouls he will give the official warning (counted separately on the score table). The central referee could decide to disqualify the sportive without waiting the warning , -1 , -3 points penalty system in very serious fouls , with the approval of the chairman of the referees.