I.K.F. Headquarter - 237 ter , avenue Sainte Marguerite 06200-Nice , France     Registration nr. 0062027610

Reasons to join IKF

1-PROGRAMS - The International Kempo Federation , IKF , it is a real worldwide organization of Kempo who guarantees annual world and continental championships .
2-LOYALITY and FRIENDSHIP - IKF guarantees absolute loyalty versus our partners in other countries. No federation other than yours will be officially accepted . Also IKF guarantees comradeship between its members in hope that IKF may contribute to a better understanding and peace between nations.
3-MODERN and TRADITIONAL   - IKF give a chance to every Kempo-ka  to choose his way of training . IKF is working for  the both aspects  of Kempo by organizing sport tournaments as well as by preserving  Kempo as a real self-defense fighting art thru gatherings , seminars and testings  .
4-QUALITY - IKF guarantees well-organized sport championships and traditional kempo seminars as well . Our referees are continuously educated and tested . We are looking forward in the whole kempo world in order to invite at the seminars the real best masters .
5-FEE  -  IKF guarantees a fair annual fee for each participating country.
6-DEMOCRACY and RESPECT - IKF guarantees an absolute democratic management. Decisions of the general-meeting are undisputable and will be executed by the executive-commitee. Also IKF respect among its members and tolerance between them. There is no discrimination between races , political opinions or religions.
7-LIBERTY - IKF does not interfere with your local sports politics, with the affairs of your local organizations , or with your style of training and practicing kempo .
8-GOAL - IKF give to all Kempo fighters a goal by having the chance to use and to verify their skills and styles in tournaments using rules apropiate to the real fight .
9-TRUST - By using Kempo techniques in tournaments respecting strictly rules close to Kempo training , all fighters will have a real opportunity to put in practice their knowledges and their physical condition . In this way they will train their menthal and emotional system also , because we must be very fair and admit that in the gym everything is going well , but outside of the gym or in the ring the reality is differit . By attending and winning tournaments you’ll learn to trust in yourself.
10-OLIMPIC SPIRIT - IKF is the first and the only sport Kempo organization in the world organized in the way of respecting the International Olimpic Comitee rules and spirit .