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Bulkempo in Paris-Bercy Festival 2013

February 5, 2013, Bulgaria

                               28th World Martial Arts Festival "Paris-Bercy 2013                              

"National Federation Bulgarian Kempo - BULKEMPO", has a great honor to let you know, that the European martial arts magazine "Karate Bushido" and the organizational crew of the "World Martial Arts Festival Paris-Bercy", have invited the founder of "Bulgarian Kempo" Master Velin Hadjolov and his team to participate for the 6-th time in so-called "Colloseum of Fame", which gets together "the best among the best". The 28th World Martial Arts Festival "Paris-Bercy 2013" will be held on 23th of March 2013, at the Olympic Sports Palace in Paris, France.

Please join in our wishes to the entire team for health, success and undying fighting spirit.

NF Bulgarian Kempo - Bulkempo

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