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Romanian Kempo champ wins in the US

July 19, 2014, Texas

Geo Pacurariu - Romanian Kempo champ wins in the US

Geo Pacurariu might be fighting out of Dallas, Texas but he's hailing from Romania where he became a national Kempo champion in the tournament under the auspices of or member Romanian Federation.

Last year he was awarded with the title best Knockout of the week on Inside MMA after he floored Steven Peterson at LFC 19.

Pacurariu of Octagon MMA gave Peterson a left jab and then a huge right in the first round. Peterson, who trains at Gracie Waco, went down face first and the fight was called.

"I was going wild with some punches before the final punch," said Pacurariu, a Romanian national. "I did it on purpose to see where I had to aim. I left my my family and everything in Romania for the last two years for a reason. Now, everything is good, but it is the beginning of a long journey."

You can watch the full fight here

Last night the Romanian fought at Legacy Fighting Championship 33 where he defeated Kashiff Solarin by Rear-Naked Choke in the second round improving his record to 7-3.

You can watch the full fight here

WMMAA congratulates mister Pacurariu with the victory and wishes him good luck in his professional MMA career.

Article source WMMAA