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International seminar - Bulgaria

June 20, 2012, Bulgaria

Master Ju Ungseo (Coreea) and Master Velin Hadjolov (Bulgaria)


  National Federation Bulgarian Kempo - BULKEMPO, proud member of the International Kempo Federation, is pleased to inform you that in the begining of June the International BULKEMPO - HAPKIDO summer camp "FORCE - WILL - SPIRIT 2012" was held in Bulgaria.

    Two great Masters, two unique styles .. a real fiesta of the best in martial arts.

    All participants from France and Bulgaria would like to thank to Master Ju Ungseo and Master Velin Hadjolov for the demonstrated high combat spirit and clear and prcise technique to which they were able to touch to.

    "Learn to win beautiful, seek gorgeous victory" .. this was the motto of the camp ...

    Thank you Master Ju, Thank you Master Velin !!!