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IKF Kempo & Plus Event Marketing

April 5, 2011, London , Great Britain

Amatto Zaharia and Eric La Rocca , met Tarik Koni !


Amatto Zaharia and Eric La Rocca , met Tarik Koni , representing Plus Event Marketing .

Plus Event Marketing is an event management company experienced in creating unique solutions for brand – customer interaction through customized events as well as operating as your business partner in designing, organizing, supervising, coordinating and implementing all forms of customer reach and corporate projects. The Plus team consists of expert project managers who value the element of experience and quality
in delivering corporate and brand values to customers and employees through entertainment and hospitality.
Plus Event Marketing thrives to “create memorable moments” for brands and customers through strategic planning, integrated marketing and execution. Such as;
• LG-BEKO Golf Tournament 2004-2009 Istanbul
• WINGS Sailing Cup Istanbul 2008
• WINGS Bosphorus Sailing Cup Istanbul 2008
• WINGS Winter Sailing Trophy Bodrum 2008
• AUDI Ski & Snowboard Championship Bursa 2005/2006
• SNOWMASTERS Ski & Snowboard Championship Bursa 2003-2009
• WINGS Winter Cup Ski Races Bursa 2009
• DOGUS GROUP Champions League 2008-2009
• DEVA GROUP Corporate Sports Games 2008

In the near future , Plus Event Marketing will organize great Kempo/Kenpo events in a great partnership with the International Kempo Federation .

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