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IKF Kempo & Muay Thai

April 6, 2011, London , Great Britain

Good Morning , London !

On 06.04.2011 at 6 am , the IKF Executive President , Amatto Zaharia , have been invited by Stephen Fox , the Secretary General of IFMA ( International Muay Thai Federation Amateur) , for a Muay Thai training .

For one hour and half , Amatto Zaharia combined Muay Thai punches, elbows, knees and kicks . Sparring was one of the sweety part of this session , which was finished in a very relaxed atmosphere . 

„Fighting to win IOC recognition , is the main goal of Muay Thai . Off the back of SportAccord Combat Games (IOC partner ) , Muay Thay its renewing its fight to win the greatest recognition for a sport , IOC recognition .

IFMA is a proud member of SportAccord , and we would like to say hello to our sporting friends , especially the other 13 martial arts and combat sports federations , whom  have just made history togheter at the first edition of the SportAccord World Combat Games in 2010 in China , thsi event being the major millestone for the real combat sports federations ” , declared Stephen Fox , the Secretary General of IFMA to SportAccord Daily News .

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