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IKF Kempo & CISM

April 5, 2011, London , Great Britain



IKF Kempo and The International Military Sports Council had a meeting during SportAccord Convention 2011 , held in London . Amatto Zaharia and Eric La Rocca , representing IKF , and Olivier Verhelle , representing CISM as Executive Manager  , had one hour of disscusions , which finished succesfully in an agreement of future partnerships .

CISM ( The International Military Sports Council ), founded on the 18th of February 1948, is one of the largest multidisciplinary organisations in the world. We organise various sporting events for the armed forces of our 133 member countries. Soldiers, who may previously have met on the battle field, now meet in friendship on the sports playing field. This is in accordance with the philosophy and the ideals which were set in CISM’s mission statement in 1998, signed by all the member countries.
Our ultimate goal is to contribute to world peace by uniting armed forces through sports. The motto under which we operate is « Friendship through Sport ».
The elected President of CISM is Colonel Hamad Kalkaba Malboum (Cameroon) , and the General Secretariat is located in Brussels under the management of the Secretary General, Colonel Morisod (Switzerland). 

Sport and Solidarity
Numerous worldwide, continental and regional activities take place throughout 300 days of the year. The two pillars of CISM which function as the basis for these events are sport and solidarity.
CISM has become a stakeholder which can no longer be ignored by the international sports community. It plays an important role in training elite athletes. A true pioneer in international sports solidarity, CISM has implemented projects organized in conjunction with the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and organisations such as United Nations and the European Community. We have developed a close working relationship with national and international federations and with all international sports authorities. 

 CISM annually organises over twenty Military World Championships for different sports in which all member nations can take part. We also organize continental and regional competitions and every four years the Military World Games and most recently Winter Games are held. These are multisport events organized by CISM in conjunction with CISM member nations.
The 1st Military World Games were held in 1995 in Rome. 93 nations competed in 17 different sporting events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the end of the 2nd World War.
Four years later about 7000 participants from 82 countries met in Zagreb, Croatia to contribute to the great success of the 2nd World Military Games.

The 3rd edition was held in Catania, Italy from the 4th to the 11th of December 2003. Participants from 84 different nations competed in 18 sports.

The 4th CISM Military World Games were held in Hyderabad, India from October 14th till 21st, 2007. A record number of 101 participating countries celebrated world peace and showed the remarkable spirit of friendship and solidarity that unites all CISM member countries. The next edition will take place in July 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 
The 1st edition of the CISM Winter Military World Games was held this year in Italy, in Aosta Valley Region, where 43 different countries and more than 800 athletes have competed at the highest level in winter sports.

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