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World Kempo Championships 2014 (individuals)

April 21, 2014 - April 27, 2014, Budapest, Hungary
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The 11th IKF World Kempo Championships 2014 – a huge success 

The 11th IKF World Kempo Championships 2014, organized last week have been a great success. More than 500 competitors from 38 countries arriving in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary, competed for a place on the podium.

The host of the event was the Hungarian Kempo Association, supervised by the Ministry of Sports and Magyar Olympic Committee, worked hard for organizing such a great event and they deserves all our congratulations.

The 11th IKF world Kempo Championships 2014 have been opened by Dr. Istvan Simicsko, the responsible for sport and youth under-secreatary, the main protector of the event, stated at the opening ceremony: “I am so proud that the hungarian athletes are more and more successful and recognized all around the world. Nothing could show this better that the best Kempo fighters are visiting our country to match their skills in the 11th IKF World Kempo Championships 2014, due to the organization of the Hungarian Kempo association. I would like to wish success to all competitors and I believe that our country could put its repute to the highest standard”.

Many senators and deputies joined the event, togheter with Dr. Leyrer Ricahrd, the Vice-President of the Magyar Olympic Committee.

Also, Mr. Marius Vizer, the President of Sportaccord, spent almost two hours watching this great event, as a special guest.

The International Kempo Federation use this opportunity to thank to all of those people who worked hard for making from this sport event a huge success. THANK YOU HUNGARY!

On the other hand, IKF turned its face already to the future by deciding the location of the next World Kempo Championships which is…….. ANTALYA-TURKEY, in between 20-26.april.2015.

Please start from now to book your flight tickets which are around 200 Euro in this moment for the European Countries. See all of you there !

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