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Legacy Fighting Championships (MMA)

May 7, 2013, Texas, USA
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Kempo champion, George Pacurariu - knocked out Steven "Ocho" Peterson !

Kempo champion, George Pacurariu hited again by knocking out Steve "Ocho" Peterson in the first round of the very impresive MMA galla  LFC19 (Legacy Fighting Championships), held in 12.april.2013 in Allen Event Center - Texas, USA.

By the Legacy Fighting Championships official site, the romanian Kempo champion, George Pacurariu, stole the show at LFC 19 with one mighty right hand and took home knockout of the night honors.  The best things come in small packages and this was never more evident than for the five foot seven inch Pacurariu.  The Romanian born fighter knocked out Steven “Ocho” Peterson with a monstrous right hand that had referee Aladin “Ink” Martinez immediately calling the fight and covering Peterson to prevent further punishment.  “I hit him on top of the head and his chest early in the fight and knew it was only a matter of time,” said Pacurariu.  As Peterson hit the canvas, Pacurariu began looking at the crowd knowing he had landed a devastating punch and had finished off his opponent.  The LFC fans were in an uproar and acknowledged the talented Romanian fighting out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and he graciously circled the ring as to thank them for the applause.

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